Affinity Group Receptions

Affinity Groups  are a big part of our 40th Reunion strategy. And several of the groups have organized receptions, etc. to get together, revisit old times and catch up on what's new.


Scheduled Receptions. Here is a working list of receptions that we're aware have been scheduled. Don't see one you'd like to attend? Check in with your affinity group "captain" to see if something can be scheduled.



Day/Time Event
4:00-5:30pm Women's Center (at the Women's Center)




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'80 Matters:

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concerning classmates and their families, class events and activities now resides in a password-protected area on this website.  80ers may register using their University ID number.  Please contact  Webmaster Van Wallach if you need help with registration.   If you cannot reach Van Wallach, email Arlene Pedovitch.