40th Reunion P-Rade

For our 40th Reunion P-rade we’ll be printing custom signs for classmates (and guests) to carry. In keeping with our theme “Ties That Bind,” we encourage you to submit suggestions for signs that are meaningful to you.  They can be funny, or serious, goofy or thoughtful. (Just as long as they stay family-friendly and don’t run afoul of general University guidelines on making Reunions a welcoming environment.)


Ned Pelger is coordinating this project with a professional printing company, so we are excited to see how great our 40th P-rade will look and how interesting and creative our classmates are.


Here are a few examples of things classmates have requested so far:

  • "Learned to ID poison ivy after a surprise romantic picnic"
  • “Capturing our memories before we forget them”
  • “1st female Varsity Wrestling victory in Princeton history”
  • “Married prior to Junior Year.” and its companion piece: “YIKES! What was I thinking!”
    (to be carried by a husband and wife team)
  • “41st Consecutive P-rade!”

We know you have it in you to come up with some really great signs.  But if you need a few ideas to jump start your creative process, think about these questions:

  • What is my best/strongest memory of my time on campus?
  • What memories bring me back?
  • What’s the funniest things that happened to me?
  • What would I tell my younger self?
  • What can I laugh about now . . . . . . ?

Ready to go? You can send your sign requests or suggestions to Ned at ned@pelger.com or you can input your request in the space provided on the form when you are registering.


Be creative!

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