Our Entertainment Committee is arranging three evenings of entertainment.


Thursday Talent Show

Dust off your old talents or show off the new "tricks" you've learned over the last 40 years! We'll be organizing a Class of 1980 talent show for Thursday night after dinner.  If you'd like to participate, please send an email to entertainment@princeton1980.org, and make sure to indicate what equipment or set-up you'll need or will be bringing.


We have some incredibly gifted artists in our class.  Plan to come and support them all.


Friday Afternoon "Battle of the Alumni Bands"

If you can get your old band back together, consider volunteering to represent the Class of 1980 in the thirteenth annual "Battle of the Alumni Bands" concert.  The goal of the concert organizers is to have a band representing each major reunion class.  Each class band gets a 20 minute set to showcase its talents.  All the big stuff: sound system, backline amps, drums, piano, etc. will be provided.  And the organizers even have a professional guitarist, bassist, pianist, and drummer standing by to fill in for any missing band members. Past groups have included Rock, R&B, Swing, Folk, a Jazz combo, etc. 


The concert will take place on Friday afternoon between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm on the lawn at the foot of Blair Arch.


Friday and Saturday Night Bands

We're still finalizing contracts with our bands for Friday and Saturday nights.  But our goal is to hire bands that will play the kinds of music that take us back to our campus days. In fact, we'll be submitting all of the songs you tell us were your "Musical Ties" to the bands, so they can create their set lists, and maybe even learn a new song or two from our list.  To spare you the pain of hearing Muskrat Love, we'll also let the bands know which songs to avoid!!  Please remember to send in those favorite (and not-so-favorite) songs!!

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concerning classmates and their families, class events and activities now resides in a password-protected area on this website.  80ers may register using their University ID number.  Please contact  Webmaster Van Wallach if you need help with registration.   If you cannot reach Van Wallach, email Arlene Pedovitch.